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CBKN Dirtworks

CBKN Dirtworks, Inc. has been successfully building and maintaining multiple projects for over 20 years in and around the State of New Mexico. We have worked for local, county, state, tribal and federal government agencies as well as private developers and owners.  We have accomplished this with strong, hands-on management and highly experienced superintendence in the field that remains on the project site at all times during the project. CBKN Dirtworks, Inc. utilizes several key personnel working as a team to manage both individual projects and the company as a whole

Quality Control is a habit


It is the policy of CBKN Dirtworks, Inc. to safely provide quality work on all projects.  To accomplish this, a Superintendent will be on-site at all times, with a set of plans and specifications that he is familiar with, to monitor and assist in the adherence to these requirements.  No changes will be made unless specifically directed by the project owner and their representative.  It is our goal to meet or exceed all requirements of the project and it is our pleasure to have all work inspected and tested during construction.

It is the responsibility of all CBKN Dirtworks, Inc. employees to provide quality work at all times.


Management actively seeks input from our employees regarding any quality, process or procedure that is required to successfully complete a project.

We are all professionals and our work reflects that.

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Orange long reach forklift that picks up
Guys pouring concrete at dam to stop ero
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Safety is a Lifestyle


It is the policy and habit of CBKN Dirtworks, Inc. that all activities will be conducted in a safe manner and that all Industry, OSHA and Company policies are adhered to.  

Having zero lost time or recordable accidents since its inception, it is the goal of CBKN Dirtworks, Inc. management to maintain this safe environment.  We continue to maintain a EMR Rating of 1 or below.

Safety Policy


It is the policy of CBKN Dirtworks, Inc. to provide a safe and healthy environment for every employee and to abide by the safety regulations set forth by Federal, State and Local Governments and our clients.  We are sincerely interested in the safety and welfare of our employees and believe that accident prevention is essential to maintaining efficient operations.


It is a requirement of CBKN Dirtworks, Inc. that all safety rules, regulations and policies be followed at all times.  The fact that it is impossible to publish a rule to cover every circumstance does not excuse carelessness or failure to use common sense when performing duties in which a safety rule has been omitted or overlooked.


SAFETY has the full support of CBKN Dirtworks, Inc. owners and management and your cooperation is expected.  Any abuse of, or disregard for any safety rule, regulation or policy will be treated accordingly.  Your help in preventing accidents benefits not only you but your fellow employees and we should all strive to make our environment accident free.

Cynthia Longley 



As President and Owner of CBKN Dirtworks, Inc. since before its incorporation Cynthia handles the administrative duties including contract negotiations, crew scheduling, accounts receivable, accounts payable, human resources, insurances, bonding and many other administrative duties.  Cynthia is not only supportive of but takes an active part in the Safety program by conducting on-site safety meetings, periodic training sessions for employees and surprise visits to the job site for safety inspections and to stay aware of project progress.  She is also the go to person in the company for materials and parts.

Mike Hajovsky

Project Manager/Estimator


Construction Manager with 30+ years of experience overseeing all phases of Heavy Highway/Civil construction projects, including managing office and field operations of multi-million-dollar projects varying from off-system bridges to major interstate interchanges for local to federal government agencies.  Backed by a proven history of on-time, on-budget and high- quality project completions, with experience with bidding procedures, proposals, contract execution, bonding, CPM Scheduling, submittals, change in contract and record keeping and reporting for multiple government agencies.

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