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CBKN Dirtworks, Inc. can provide payment and performance bonding as needed. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to accomplish our tasks. 


We have DOT Certified Drivers, trained and certified equipment operators, certified HDPE Fusion Welders, GPS certified machine control operators and experienced laborers. We utilize GPS grade control and modeling on all dirt work operations in the field which gives us the ability to closely monitor daily operations as well as being able to react quickly to changing conditions and productivity. 


In an attempt to be fully in control of the situation CBKN Dirtworks, Inc. makes every effort to be independent of things that can slow down a project. 

  • We will not shut down because “the trucks did not show up”—we own our trucks. 

  • We will not be down because the excavator is not here to load trucks, we own it. 

  • If by chance, we need more equipment than we own, we can lease from multiple nationwide equipment companies

GPS controlled equipment.jpg
Rebar work - CBKN workers before
Really cool equipment pic - cool colors.
GPS equipment on machinery.jpg

Site Work

  • Clearing

  • Grading

  • Excavation 

  • Structural Fill

  • Road grading & preparation

  • Landfill Cell Excavation

  • Landfill Closures

  • Storm Sewer Installation

  • Minor Structures

Erosion Control

  • Grading

  • Gabions

  • Reno Mattress

  • Dam Construction

  • Pond Construction


Material Hauling

  • Belly Dumps

  • End Dump Trailer

  • Rock Trailer

  • Tandem BobTail Dumps

Equipment Hauling

  • Heavy Haul

  • Oversize Loads

Other Incident Response

  • Mobile Showers

  • Mobile Hand Wash Stations

Massive dirt moving project.jpg
Equipment for Fire control - with EPA sp
good pic of lots of equipment - needs cr
Cool rebar sky equipment pic.jpg
Erosion control work.jpg
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